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    1. 1. Protein Summary
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    Site JCSG
    Status Crystal Structure
    Target Id 418974
    Molecular Characteristics
    Source Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis str. 168
    Alias Ids TPS93178,NP_389097.1 Molecular Weight 17727.84 Da.
    Residues 159 Isoelectric Point 5.47
    Sequence aaqtntlsentnqsaaelvknlyntaykgempqqaqgltinkstkgdvhaafgeperpvggdnrfdlyh wnmgqpgygfsyhkdmtiseiryfgtgverqlnlggvtpevlqkqlgpvnrvltvpftdeidyvydtgr yelhfvigtdqtadhvnlkak
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    Ligand Information

    Protein Summary

    Shown below is a ribbons representation of the structure of target id 418974



    The structure belongs to DUF 4309 Pfam family (PF14172.1) 


    A DALI serach of the PDB shows target id 418974 shows similarity to the following structures in the PDB.


    PDB ID DALI Z-score rmsd (Ang) length of alignment number of residues % sequence id Description
    4ifa 8.4 2.8 106 298 11 1.5 Angstrom resolution crystal structure of an extracellular protein containing a SCP domain from Bacillus anthracis str. Ames
    2qzb 8.4 3.3 113 147 11 Crystal structure of the uncharacterized protein yfeY from Escherichia coli
    4h0a 8.2 3.5 113 301 12 Crystal structure of a hypothetical protein (SAV1118) from Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus Mu50 at 1.90 A resolution
    3gmy 7.2 4.1 80 154 10 Crystal Structure of Beta-Lactamse Inhibitory Protein-Like Protein (BLP), Selenomethionine Derivative[Ref]
    3d4e 7.1 5.4 84 162 6 Crystal structure of putative beta-lactamase inhibitor protein (NP_721579.1) from STREPTOCOCCUS MUTANS at 1.40 A resolution
    3gmv 7.1 2.9 61 258 18 Crystal Structure of Beta-Lactamse Inhibitory Protein-I (BLIP-I) in Apo Form [Ref]
    3e2l 7.1 5.1 85 160 8 Helicobacter pylori formamidase AmiF contains a fine-tuned cysteine-glutamate-lysine catalytic triad[Ref]


    Ligand Summary




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