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    Site JCSG
    Status Crystal Structure
    Target Id 283264
    Molecular Characteristics
    Source Thermotoga maritima msb8
    Alias Ids TPS2264,TM1403, BV1071, 289555 Molecular Weight 37561.79 Da.
    Residues 327 Isoelectric Point 7.20
    Sequence mediivvenlvkkfgdfeavkgvsfsvkkgeifaflgpngagktttihmlttllkptsgkawvaghdvl keprevrrkigivfqdqsldreltayenmyihgkiygyggeklkkrilellefvellefkdkpvktfsg gmarrleiarslihepevlfldeptigldphtrahmweyiskmkkehnmtifltthymdeaeqladrva iidhgkiialgtptelkrmvgkeiiyvrfseaveclegdfiescrklpdgrlelnvedsgraipkifel aqqkglkieeityhkptlndvflhltgrelreegpensfktmarmrmrmrr
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    Ligand Information
    Model TM1403
    generated 12/2008

    Protein Summary

    The protein TM1403 is annotated as Antibiotic ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein, putative.. TM1403 belongs to PFAM PF00005 ABC_tran. ABC transporters are minimally constituted of two conserved regions: a highly conserved ATP binding cassette (ABC) and a less conserved transmembrane domain (TMD). These regions can be found on the same protein or on two different ones. Most ABC transporters function as a dimer and therefore are constituted of four domains, two ABC modules and two TMDs.


    The monomer structure is shown below in rainbow representation. Each chain binds an ADP molecule in the dimer interface.



    Crystal packing analysis and SEC+SLS indicate that TM1403 forms a dimer as shown below in two orthogonal views. Four c-terminal strands form each monomer come together to form a long sheet that helps in dimerizing the protein.



    Top 10 DALI Structural Homologs
    N PDB Z-score RMSD LALI NRES %ID Description (JCSG structures highlighted in red)
    1 1vpl 31.5 1.8 237 238 35 Abc Transporter, Atp-binding Protein
    2 2pcj 30.1 1.7 218 223 35 Lipoprotein-releasing System Atp-binding Protein
    3 2pcl 30.0 1.7 218 223 35 Lipoprotein-releasing System Atp-binding Protein
    4 3tui 29.6 1.8 230 344 31 D-methionine Transport System Permease Protein Me
    5 3tuz 29.4 1.8 230 345 31 D-methionine Transport System Permease Protein Me
    6 4p31 29.2 1.7 226 230 32 Lipopolysaccharide Export System Atp-binding Prot
    7 4p32 29.1 1.7 226 230 31 Lipopolysaccharide Export System Atp-binding Prot
    8 1f3o 28.9 1.7 217 232 31 Hypothetical Abc Transporter Atp-binding Protein
    9 3tuj 28.7 2.2 235 344 31 D-methionine Transport System Permease Protein Me
    10 2olk 28.7 2.2 235 242 30 Amino Acid Abc Transporter



    A comparison of  TM1403 (green) with 1vpl (cyan) is shown below. TM1403 has additional residues (strands on top right) that are absent in 1vpl.


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