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    B7Z5F2 Annotations
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    B7Z5F2 1-186 Putative Domain Summary

    Often found following reverse transcriptase RVT_1 (PF00078) domain, but also appears in several short proteins that constists only of this domain.  Distant FFAS prediction suggests it might be distanly homologous to two N-terminal domains of human E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase CBL-B - the EF hand and SH3 domain, which would suggest these are actually two domain. Needs to be verified though.

    Looks like a real domain (or two)!


    B7Z5F2 1-186 Domain Information
    Sequence Length: 186 Sequence Local Structure Prediction # Uniprot Refs: 1
    N-terminal boundary: n-terminus C-terminal boundary: disordered region
    Is region cluster seed?: Yes   Cluster Size: 3  
      # sequence matches: 123 # architectures: 21 # taxonomy ids: 23
      No significant hits in PDB.
      No significant hits in Pfam.

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